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Grandstream HT801 Configuration Setup

NT Connect sells Grandstream HT801s pre-configured for existing customers however if your device is fully reset or encounters an error the configuration on the unit is lost and the device will not be able to connect to our servers.

This article will guide you into making sure your Grandstream HT801 is correctly setup to use for your NT Connect account.

Step 1: Follow the "Bring Your Own Device" guide Steps 1-4 in order to get your NT Connect SIP Username/Password/Domain information for your account.

Step 2: Connect your Grandstream HT801 to power and internet and wait for device to finish boot up sequence.

Step 3: Dial Star/Asterisk( * ) 3 times (Star-Star-Star). You will hear a recording state "Enter a Menu Option".

Step 4: Dial 02 (Zero-Two). A recording will read out the device's IP address. Note this down.

Step 5: On your internet browser enter the IP address provided by the device, this will take you to the Grandstream HT801 configuration login page.

Ht801 login

Step 6: Login to the device using the default login:
Username - admin
Password - admin

Step 7: Review the Status Page. When the device is online you will see Port Status: Not Registered. This is what indicates if the Grandstream is connected to the NT Connect servers. If this is a full reset or fresh setup you will not see "Registered" until after you complete setup.

Device Unregistered

Registered Unit

Step 8: Go to FXS Port. Here is where you will enter your NT Connect SIP Info you acquired from Step 1.

Primary SIP Server:
SIP User ID: (enter your SIP Username)
Authenticate ID: (enter your SIP Username again)
Authenticate Password: (enter your SIP Password)
Name: (Enter name of choice, you could use SIP Username again)

SIP Configuration

Step 9: Scroll down the FXS Port Page all the way down to "Preferred Vocoder(in listed order):"

By default Choice 6 will be "iLBC" and Choice 7 will be "OPUS".

Default Vocoders

The Grandstream Ht801 will not make Outbound calls with your netTALK Account unless iLBC and OPUS is removed

Use the scroll down options to replace Choice 6 and Choice 7 with "G729" or other option that is NOT iLBC or OPUS. (See Picture)

Vocoders updated

Step 10: Scroll down and "Apply" Settings. Page will refresh

Step 11 (Optional): You may reboot your device to ensure new changes has taken effect. In addition you can check the Status page on the Grandstream HT801 to ensure that Port Status is Registered


Updated on: 01/05/2024

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