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Manual setup for your WiFi Network on your ezLINQ

unplug ezLINQ and check sticker next to electrical plug

write down or take a pic of the following: SSID, Passphrase, IP address, Username, Password

Plug ezLINQ back in and connect the ezLINQ to the router with the ethernet cable

wait until ezLINQ boots up and you can make a call

Open a web browser from a computer

Look for WiFi networks on your computer and connect to the NT Connect SSID broadcast which is the same
as what is on the sticker. The wifi network will look something like this: netTALK-123456

Once connected to that Wifi network, type in the IP address in to the browser. It will be something like:

Then an ezLINQ web page will appear

Enter the Username and Password found on the sticker. The Username is Admin and the password is 9 alpha numeric characters.

The navigate to the Wifi settings and setup setup the ezLINQ into 'Repeater Mode'

Updated on: 01/05/2024

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