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Bring Your Own Device Setup

Your NT Connect VOIP Service is compatible with nearly all IP Phones or Softphone apps.

In order to setup your NT Connect service onto your own device please do the following:

Step 1 - Login to your account at


Step 2 - Locate your Residential Account by clicking "Residential" then "Manage" to access your device's dashboard settings.

Device Dashboard Page

Step 3 - On the Dashboard page locate "VoIP Settings" near the bottom of the page, it'll be the first gray box under the settings category:

Voip Settings

Step 4 - Notate your device's SIP Username, SIP Password & SIP Domain, you will be needing this information to enter on your IP Phone/Softphone

Step 5 - Go to your desired Device's configuration page and find your IP Phone's SIP or IP account configuration. This will vary by model.

Step 6 - Enter your NT Connect SIP User/Pass and Domain information onto your IP Phone/Softphone of choice. Please note that while we recommend port 5060 UDP for VOIP registration, your IP phone may use a different port. (We use ports 5060, 5085 & 7060 for Registration purposes)

Step 7 - Ensure that your IP Phone is updated and is registering to your servers. Most IP Phones will have a status indicating "OK" or "Registered" when connected.

Step 8 - Place a call to test the service and ensure your IP Phone is connected to our servers. If call does not complete please revisit your IP Phone configurations for potential troubleshooting options.

Updated on: 01/05/2024

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