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Advanced Troubleshooting - Incoming Call issues

Are you having issues with only your incoming calls?

In order to determine if your issue might be related to your local network or your phone number it is important to notice what's the color of the LED light on the DUO at the time the issue occurs.

If the DUO is flashing green and switching to red, or the DUO is only displaying a red light then the DUO is likely unable to communicate with our servers due to a local network restriction. For the best router settings to avoid this issue please see:

If your DUO is showing a steady green light but you are still unable to receive calls it might be issue occurring internally with the phone number.

The first step is to check to see if you are able to place calls out, if you are able to successfully place a call out with no issue and the light remains green, this usually is a sign of an internal phone number issue.

The second step is to check to see if the phone number is reaching voicemail. Typically when the DUO is offline due to a network restriction, the incoming call routes directly to your nettalk voicemail or an existing call forwarding number; if there's any internal issue you will either get an error message when calling into the number or the call will not ring/receive dead air. Call your DUO phone number to see if your call is being routed to its voicemail box (Voicemail must be turned on).

If you are experiencing these symptoms please let our support team know of your issue and we will contact our partners to investigate if any existing issues are occurring with your line.

*Please note that these cases are not common however the conditions/symptoms above apply in the majority of cases where this issue occurs. Once our team is made aware of the issue we have a very high success rate of resolving any internal issues with incoming calls*

Updated on: 03/13/2019

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