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Optimal Fax Settings

While all NT Connect models are "fax friendly" they are not guaranteed to be compatible. Depending on the fax machine that you have you may need to do some changes to certain settings before you can go about using it.

To set your fax machine to work over this particular voip service, we would recommend that you try doing the following setting changes.

Lower the speed/baud rate on your fax to the lowest possible setting of 9600 .
Turn OFF the ECM or Error Correction Mode setting on your fax since most would have this setting turned on by default.
Set your paper quality/resolution to standard instead of fine or high quality.

Please keep in mind that your fax machine must be connected directly into the NT Connect device through the phone port. If you are unable to set up your fax machine to operate through a VOIP connection, look through the manual of your equipment or contact the manufacturer of your fax machine for instructions on how to connect it.

Updated on: 01/05/2024

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