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Ideal Router Settings

It is always a good to step reboot your router to see if the DUO gets a good connection again. Also, you can always reboot your DUO by dialing *61 as well. If this does not solve the issue, you can optimize these settings in your router's webpage:

IP Reservation
Port Forwarding

Please log in to your routers admin webpage and look for these standard settings:

IP Reservation: Check if the DUO IP is reserved in your router

Please dial *41 from your phone connected to the DUO, to get the DUO IP address. Write down that IP address and reserve that IP Address in your router's webpage.

Port Forwarding: Enable port forwarding on your router for the same DUO IP (from step 1)

Enable this port for port forwarding for the same DUO IP (from step 1):

Internal & External Port 5085 UDP

NOTE: This website will help you forward the correct ports on your specific router. There are a couple of things that do change but the overall method remains the same.

DMZ: Find the DMZ setting in your router and add your DUO IP to the DMZ.

Look for the DMZ setting in your router, and add the same DUO IP (from step 1) to your router's DMZ.

Updated on: 03/13/2019

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