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Becoming an NT Connect PBX User

How to Become a NT Connect PBX User

Five main processes need to be completed in order to become an active NT Connect PBX User.

Order Customization
Account Activation
Initial Setup
Feature Configuration
Equipment Provisioning

FAST ACTIVATION & SETUP! It only takes minutes to complete each process which means you can be up and running in no time. Your business could have a dedicated local phone number with a professional virtual receptionist answering all your incoming calls and redirecting them to a voicemail, an extension, a ring group, a cell phone, or any other destination. All setup within an hour.

1. Order Customization

Order Customization is when you...
create a free NT Connect ID (if needed)
get a quote by customizing the service to fit your business needs
indicate the quantity needed for each PBX feature
order hardware such as IP phones, ezLINQ adapters, or download our PBX App.
complete the purchase by submitting an order

Learn more about Order Customization

NOTE: After you complete Order Customization, you can immediately proceed to Account Activation.

2. Account Activation

Account Activation is when you...
name your PBX Account
choose your phone numbers
choose your primary phone number
enter your e911 address
setup AutoPay

Learn more about Account Activation

NOTE: After you complete Account Activation, you can immediately proceed to Initial Setup.

3. Initial Setup

Initial Setup is when you...
enter your business information
set your office hours
create Extensions
create Ring Groups
create Call Queues
create Virtual Receptionists
assign phone numbers to extensions

Learn more about Initial Setup

NOTE: After you complete Initial Setup, you will have immediate access to all Feature Configuration for each PBX feature.

4. Feature Configuration

Feature Configuration is when you...
create a prompt menu for your virtual receptionists
upload your own custom audio files for your virtual receptionists
generate audio files with our "text-to-speech" engine for your virtual receptionists
set advanced forwarding options for all extensions
upload your own custom audio files for extension voicemails
generate audio files for extension voicemails
and much more...

Learn more about Feature Configuration

NOTE: After you finish configuring your virtual receptionist, extension hours and voicemail, then you can start using the service with the NT Connect PBX App, an ezLINQ, or any SIP phone. You will need to provision your equipment with the PBX Service.

5. Equipment Provisioning

Equipment Provisioning is when you...
download and install the NT Connect PBX App
setup and provision a NT Connect ezLINQ adapter
setup and provision a GrandStream GRP2612W IP Phone
setup and provision any third-party SIP phone

Ready to Get a Customized Quote?

Learn More: Overview of Order Customization
- OR -
Take Action: Start customizing now to get an instant quote! (If needed, you'll be asked to create a free NT CONNECT ID, to start customizing.)

Updated on: 01/05/2024

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