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Provisioning the netTALK PBX App

PBX App Provisioning will configure the PBX App with the VoIP SIP username and password credentials of an extension and allow you to make and receive calls using the extension on the PBX App.

It only takes a matter of minutes to complete the purchase, activation, and initial setup and configuration of your Business PBX Service. Afterwards, you can immediately start using the Business PBX Service by downloading the NT CONNECT PBX App.

App Setup

Download and install the PBX App

The NT Connect PBX App is available for Apple iOS devices and Google Android devices.

The download links below only work if you are on your mobile device.

Download the iOS App

Download the Android App

Find the PBX App icon on your device to open the App.

(PBX App icon)

Sign in using your NT CONNECT ID email and password

(PBX App Sign In screen)

If you have more than one PBX Account, select the PBX account you want to use with the App.

(PBX App accounts screen)

If you have more than one extension, select the extension you want to use with the App.

(PBX App extensions screen)

After you finish signing in and selecting your account information, you can begin using the App to make and receive calls.

Updated on: 01/05/2024

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