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What is Business PBX?

Business PBX

"Have It Your Way" | Cloud-Based PBX | Business Phone Service

What is it?

NT Connect's Business PBX is a robust, affordable, feature-rich, customizable, "a-la-carte" VoIP phone service that provides big business features at small business prices. It's available for use worldwide as long as you have access to high speed internet. A typical company of 5 employees will save $1,500 yearly in their phone bill.

No Contracts!
No Activation Fees!

How does it work?

NT Connect Business PBX is 100% Cloud-Based which means the service does not require any expensive hardware appliances to be stored onsite in your office building.

What are the "a-la-carte" features available?

"Global Office" Extensions
Virtual Receptionists
Local Phone Numbers
Ported Local Phone Numbers
Outbound Minutes Packages
Call Queues
Extra Memory for Recordings
Conference Bridge
TALK Credits for International Calling

NOTE: We offer U.S. and Canadian local phone numbers for the Business PBX service.
Coming Soon:

International Phone Numbers
1-800 Phone Numbers

What features are included free with the service?

Business PBX Mobile App (iOS and Android)
Ring Groups
Advanced Call Forwarding
Call Recordings
Voicemail to Email
Voicemail Transcripts
Text-to-Speech Generator for Virtual Receptionist Greetings and Voicemail Greetings
2 GB of Memory Free (to store call recordings and voicemails)
Free Extension-to-Extension Calling Worldwide
Free Inbound Calling
Call Routing (Assign Phone Numbers to Any Extension)
3-Way Calling
Call Waiting
Caller ID
E911 Emergency Service
Online Management Tools

What customization options are available per feature?


Business Hours

Ring Groups

Extension number
Group name
Ring Duration
Ring Strategy (Simultaneously, One by one, Least worked, etc)
Group Members
Skip if Busy
Action to take, if not answered


Extension number
Extension name
SIP password
Credentials to manually setup phone equipment
Automatic configuration for phone equipment sold by NT Connect
Set unique office hours for the extension
Manage call recordings specific to the extension

Voicemail Options:
voicemail: upload custom greeting
voicemail: generate custom greeting with text-to-speech feature
voicemail: turn on or off per extension
voicemail: play back caller id
voicemail: play back date and time
voicemail: custom security pin
voicemail: turn security pin on or off
voicemail: default prompt language
voicemail: playback online

Advanced Call Forwarding Rules:
rule: If not answered in X seconds while available
rule: If line is busy while available
rule: If Offline, during or outside office hours
rule: If Do Not Disturbed is on, during or outside office hours
rule: If Away, during or outside office hours

Virtual Receptionists

Receptionist extension number
Receptionist name
Upload custom audio recording
Generate custom audio recording with text-to-speech feature
Custom menu prompt
Forward calls to an extension, a ring group, a call queue, a virtual receptionist, end call, or repeat audio recording

Call Queues

Queue extension number
Queue name
Ring duration
Polling Strategy (Hunt, Simultaneously, etc)
Queue members
Skip members on a call
Upload custom "On Hold" audio

Phone Number Routing

Routing name
Routing destination, during or outside office hours

Memory for Recordings

Add memory
Automatic deletion of files after x days

Conference Bridge

Conference room name
Conference room pin
Record conference calls

User Management

User permissions (admin/user)
Users only manage specific extensions

Ready to become a NT Connect PBX User?

Learn More: How to Become a NT Connect PBX User

Updated on: 01/05/2024

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