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Linksys RT31P2 & Linksys WRT54G Series

Linksys RT31P2:

Linksys RT312P2


Connect ethernet cable from your PC to one of the 3 LAN ports of the router. Then connect your cable or DSL modem's Ethernet cable to the Router's Internet port. If necessary, disconnect the RJ-11 telephone cable of your telephone from the telephone wall jack. Then connect that end to the Router's Phone 1 port. If you have a second telephone plug that into Phone 2 port. Now, power up your PC, Cable and DSL modem and your Linksys.


Make sure that your PC's Ethernet adapter is set to 'Obtain an IP Address Automatically' (This is the default on nearly all computers)

Open your browser and enter When the login screen appears, enter 'admin' for username and 'admin' for password. If you have configured your Linksys router to use a different IP address you will need to enter that IP address instead. (i.e.,, etc)


Next, choose from the main menu 'Voice' and then Line1. Enter your NT Connect account number into the "User Id:" field and the "Authentication User Name:" field. Enter NT Connect SIP password into the "Authenticate Password:" field. Enter into "Registration/Proxy Server:" field. Display name can be left blank or filled with a name of choice.

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Save settings.


Updated on: 01/05/2024

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