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Linksys SPA 2XXX-9XXX Series

Linksys SPA Series:

SPA 9000

SPA 8000

STEP 1: Connecting to the Internet

Connect the ethernet cable from your PC to the ethernet port of the Linksys SPA(XXXX). Then connect your cable or DSL modem's ethernet cable to the router's Internet port. Now, power up your PC, cable and DSL modem and your router.

Open you web browser and enter .

STEP 2: LINE configuration

Click on the VOICE tab and select "Line 1" (If you have multiple NT Connect lines, you can configure lines on Lines 2-4 as well)

The SPA Series have 2-4 VoIP lines which you can configure according to your needs. Using Line 1 as an example to configure your NT Connect VoIP line and line answer pattern.

2.1 Configure NT Connect VoIP line.

Enter your NT Connect Account number, password and proxy settings. Change Register Expires to 300.


Updated on: 01/05/2024

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