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Google Fiber Router

Google Fiber Router Settings

First step is to get to the router page in the GFRG100 router to tweak some settings, then follow these steps:

Step 1:

Step 2: dial *41 from your phone connected to the DUO and write down the IP address you hear.

Step 3: Go to the router setting page and click on the DUO that is listed on the left under "Devices" (it may use the IP address as the name)

Step 4: Click on Advanced Settings for the DUO device

Step 5: it should take you to a page like this:

Step 6: Turn Reserve IP to "ON" and enter the IP address you wrote down in Step 2 (for example, it will be something like this: 192.168.#.#)

Step 7: Turn DMZ to "ON"

Step 8: Add a Port Forwarding Rule:

A. My Device = DUO IP (the same IP you previously wrote down)
B. Select a service type = Choose Custom to enter single port
C. Enter the port number 5060 (if it is taken, then chose 5085 or 7060)
D. Select a protocol from the Protocol drop-down = TCP/UDP
E. Finally, click Apply.

I hope this helps!


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Updated on: 03/13/2019

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