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How the SMS Add-On Works

How the SMS Texting Add-On Works


Use the TALK App to send and receive SMS text messages. Available for iOS and Android.

The SMS Texting Add-On is assigned to your primary NT Connect phone number. Text messages are sent and received with your primary phone number. (NOTE: It can take around 5 minutes for your phone number to be verified and approved for the SMS feature.)

Learn how to set up the SMS Texting Add-On.

There is a 160 character limit per text message. Messages with more than 160 characters will be broken down and sent as separate SMS messages.

If you send an SMS to an international country we support, make sure the recipient has an SMS plan which allows SMS messages to be sent to US and/or Canadian numbers so you are able to receive their message response.

SMS is intended for enhancing person to person communication. Sending spam or many automated messages will result in immediate SMS suspension.


Inbound SMS text messages are free.

Text with all cellular carriers in the USA & Canada from anywhere in the world.

SMS functionality works with smart phones, tablets, and non-cellular devices.

Keep your real (cellphone) number private instead of being forced to expose it to 3rd parties.

Works over Wi-Fi when cellular is not available.

Multi-Device - Choose your favorite device and use NT CONNECT SMS on your smartphone and tablet. SMS messages are sync'd across all devices that have the TALK App installed.


There is a One-Time $9.00 Activation Fee when the SMS Texting Add-On is enabled.

NOTE: $3.00 is automatically deposited to your account's TALK Credits balance to allow you to start sending texts immediately.
The cost per outbound text, to a U.S. or Canadian phone number, is $0.01 and it will be deducted from your TALK Credits balance. If your balance is zero, outbound SMS texting will not work.

International Texting Rates

To lookup international texting rates, visit the the CONNECT website at, sign in, and navigate to the Phone Numbers page while managing your Residential Phone account. Click on the blue button labeled "SMS Texting". Then, scroll down and select a country in the Texting Rates tool to view the rate.

International Texting

Learn how to set up the SMS Texting Add-On.

Updated on: 01/05/2024

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