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Call Blocking (Blacklist)

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Call Blocking (Blacklist)

What is it?

The Call Blocking (Blacklist) feature prevents annoying unwanted callers from reaching you.

How does it work?

Call Blocking will prevent any U.S. or Canadian phone number from calling you. Blacklisted phone numbers will hear a busy tone every time they call you.

How do I access this feature?

Sign in at

Go to the Residential Phone page, by clicking on the "Residential Phone" tab in the top menu.

Find the Alias of your account and click the green "Manage" button

Click on the "Call Blocking" tab in the side menu

To add a specific caller, use the Block a Phone Number form to select the caller's country of origin and enter their phone number.

Click the green "Add to Blacklist" button to save your changes.

NOTE: All subscribers can block up to 10 phone numbers at no extra cost. VIP Members can block up to 1,000 phone numbers.
To add a specific type of caller ID, use the "Block a Caller ID" form. Here is a list of caller IDs you can block:


WARNING! If someone important happens to have one of these caller IDs they will never be able to reach you.
Click the green "Add to Blacklist" button to save your changes.

Scroll down to see all your blocked callers displayed in the Blacklist.

To remove a caller, click on the trash icon next to their name.

Updated on: 01/05/2024

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