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Spam Call Protection Suite

Spam Call Protection Suite

NT Connect is committed to protecting you from unwanted calls and giving you more control over the calls you receive. This is why we created the Spam Call Protection Suite.

What is it?

The Spam Call Protection Suite is a collection of tools and features meant to provide phone security options for netTALK customers who are subscribed to our Residential VoIP Phone Service.

How does it provide phone security?

The Spam Call Protection Suite provides the following phone security options:

Call Filter

Alerts you of a possible scam call before you answer your phone.
Learn more about the Call Filter

White List

Allows you to identify safe callers to bypass your phone security features.
Learn more about the White List

Call Blocking (Blacklist)

Prevents annoying callers from reaching you.
Learn more about Call Blocking


Helps you fight back against telemarketers and spammers.
Learn more about the RoboAgent

PIN Shield

Prevents robocalls and other types of auto-dialers from reaching you.
Learn more about the PIN Shield

Updated on: 01/05/2024

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