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Spam Call Protection: White List

Spam Call Protection Suite > White List

White List

What is it?

The White List is a tool available within the Spam Call Protection Suite, which is a feature of NT Connect's Residential VoIP Phone Service for DUOs and ezLINQs.

What does it do?

The White List allows you to identify your safe callers.

How does it work?

White-listed callers will bypass all the phone security tools available with the Spam Call Protection Suite, such as, the Call Filter, the RoboAgent, and the PIN Shield, even if their “spam score” is higher than 60%. The only phone security tool it will not bypass is the Blacklist, which is created using the Call Blocking feature.

How do I access this tool?

Sign in at

Find the Alias of your account and click the green "Manage" button.

screenshot of Residential Phone: Accounts Page

Click on the "Spam Call Protection" tab in the side menu.

Scroll down to see the form (which adds a caller to the White List) and to see your list of white-listed callers.

screenshot of Spam Call Protection page showing White List

To Add a caller, enter their name and phone number and press the green "Add to White List" button

To Remove a caller, click on the trash icon next to their name.

screenshot of White List form and list

Updated on: 01/05/2024

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