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Setting up the SMS Add-on

Setting up the SMS Texting Add-On

The SMS Texting Add-On for NT CONNECT is a new feature available to NexGen, VIP, and Basic Yearly Plans. Learn more about it here: How the SMS Texting Add-On Works

Texting can be added 2 ways:

1 - when selecting a new phone number by checking the box labeled "Enable SMS Texting Add-On"

New #

"learn more" link will open a popup message with the following message


the add-on will be added to the shopping cart together with the new Phone Number


2 - By navigating to the Phone Numbers manage page

Phone Number Page

Click the blue "SMS Texting" button, you will be taken to the SMS page; there you will be able to add to cart by selecting the right Phone Number you would like to use the service with.

Updated on: 01/05/2024

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