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How to setup Call Forwarding

Access this feature by logging into your CONNECT account at

Once logged in select the device you wish to add the Call Forwarding too by selecting Manage:

Selecting the device will take you to the Dashboard page for your device. Once on the Dashboard page select "Call Forwarding" from the left side tabs.

To add a call forwarding number type in the phone number you wish to forward the call too and click "Add to Call Forwarding"

Note: Do not add spaces or dashes to the number.

If you wish calls to immediately forward to your preferred number without ringing your Ezlinq/DUO device, select "Forward Calls instantly without ringing your device". At any time you can enable/disable this feature by updating your call forwarding settings.

Editor Note:

If you have a previously setup Call Forwarded number that was set up before 2018 (Setup before CONNECT portal) and wish to remove the existing Call Forwarding please contact our support team to have the old call forward destination removed.

Updated on: 01/05/2024

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