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Spam Call Protection: RoboAgent

Spam Call Protection Suite > RoboAgent


What is it?

The RoboAgent is a tool available within the Spam Call Protection Suite, which is a feature of netTALK's Residential VoIP Phone Service for DUOs and ezLINQs.

NOTE: A basic RoboAgent is available to all subscribers by default, but VIP Members get exclusive access to additional settings for a customizable RoboAgent.

What does it do?

The RoboAgent is an automated bot that allows you to fight back against scam callers while providing you with some funny entertainment in the process.

How does it work?

When the RoboAgent is enabled, all calls which were labeled as “scam likely” by the Call Filter, will be redirected to the RoboAgent, instead of Voicemail. The RoboAgent will answer the call and speak with the spam caller in a funny but lifelike manner to completely waste their time, discouraging them from calling again. The ensuing call, which could be hilarious, is recorded and sent to your email. Dial 402-702-DEMO(3366) to demo it.

IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: The audio recording of the conversation between the RoboAgent and the caller is for your personal entertainment use only. It cannot be used for any legal disputes with the caller.

How do I access this tool?

Sign in at

Go to the Residential Phone page, by clicking on the "Residential Phone" tab in the top menu.

Find the Alias of your account and click the green "Manage" button.

(screenshot of Residential Phone: Accounts Page)

Click on the "Spam Call Protection" tab in the side menu.

You will see the option to turn the RoboAgent "ON" or "OFF".

Make sure you click on the green "Save Settings" button for your changes to take effect.

If you are a VIP Member, you will see a blue "View RoboAgent Settings" button that redirects you to the RoboAgent page for more options.

(screenshot of Spam Call Protection page showing RoboAgent)

Once in the RoboAgent page, the first "ON" and "OFF" option which is labeled "Spam Calls to RoboAgent" has the same functionality as turning the RoboAgent on or off. If on, all calls labeled "scam likely" will be redirected to the RoboAgent instead of voicemail. If off, all "scam likely" calls will be redirected to voicemail instead of the RoboAgent.

The "Blacklist to RoboAgent" option allows you to redirect all blacklisted callers to the RoboAgent even if the blacklisted caller is not considered as "scam likely" by the Call Filter.

If you want to stop receiving an audio recording every time the RoboAgent has a conversation with a spammer, then you can turn off those email notifications with the "RoboAgent Recordings to Email" option.

(screenshot of RoboAgent page)

NOTE: More RoboAgent settings are coming soon for VIP members.

Updated on: 01/05/2024

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