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Spam Call Protection: Call Filter

Spam Call Protection Suite > Call Filter

Call Filter

What is it?

The Call Filter is a default system function that is part of the Spam Call Protection Suite, which is a feature of NT Connect's Residential VoIP Phone Service for DUOs and ezLINQs.

What does it do?

The Call Filter checks every incoming call and warns you of a possible scam call before you answer your phone.

How does it work?

The Call Filter checks the incoming phone number to see if it's found on a database of known telemarketers, spammers and robocallers. Based on the results, it assigns each incoming call a “spam score”, which is the percentage probability of the call being spam. All calls with a “spam score” of 60% or higher will more than likely be a potentially unwanted call, therefore, those calls are handled as follows:

Your home phone's Caller ID will display "Scam Likely".

The Ring Duration of the call is shorten to 15 seconds.

NOTE: You can still choose to answer the call within those 15 seconds.
The Destination of the call is redirected to Voicemail

TIP: You can redirect calls to the RoboAgent instead of your Voicemail.

How do I access this tool?

There is no need to access the Call Filter. The Call Filter is always on and cannot be turned off.

TIP: If you discover that one of your regular callers is always being classified as "Scam Likely", then you will need to add that caller to your account's White List. Learn more about the White List here.

Updated on: 01/05/2024

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