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VIP Membership

VIP Membership

The VIP Membership Add-On is a great option for customers who have higher-than-normal outbound call volumes or who make a lot of international calls.

NOTE: The VIP Add-On is only available for the monthly NexGen Calling Plan

What extras are included with a VIP Membership?

20% OFF International Rates (to increase your savings when calling overseas)
3,000 Monthly Minutes (doubles your minutes for calls outside our netTALK network)
1,000 Caller Blacklist (to expand Call Blocking at no extra cost)
Voicemail Transcripts (sent to your email)
"Fast-Pass" Live Online Technical Support (get priority attention)
Customizable RoboAgent (to better fight spammers)
PIN Shield (to eliminate robocalls)

Coming Soon:

Advanced Call Forwarding
One Free Number Port
One Free Secondary Phone Number
Customizable Call Filter

How much does it cost?

The VIP Membership Add-On comes with a $36 annual fee.

How do I upgrade to VIP?

Sign in at

Go to the Residential Phone page, by clicking on the "Residential Phone" tab in the top menu.

Find the Alias of your account and click the green "Manage" button OR click the blue "Become a Member" button to go directly to the VIP Membership page and skip the next step.

(screenshot of Residential Phone: Accounts Page)

Click on the "VIP Membership" tab in the side menu.

The VIP Membership page will look different depending on the type of account you have. There are 3 main types of paid subscriber accounts.

a. Yearly Basic Plan (discontinued) (see screenshot A)
b. Monthly NexGen Plan (see screenshot B)
c. Monthly NexGen Plan with VIP Add-On (see screenshot C)

IMPORTANT: Since the VIP Membership Add-On can only be applied to the monthly NexGen Calling Plan, you will need to upgrade to the monthly NexGen Calling Plan if you have a yearly Basic Calling Plan for a DUO.
TIP: Current DUO customers that have a yearly Basic Calling Plan are eligible to receive a free NT Connect ezLINQ device if they upgrade to the monthly NexGen Calling Plan with the VIP Add-On.
Make sure the checkbox is checked to confirm that you understand the fees associated with the new plans.

We recommend you add the 24-Month Protection Plan for your free ezLINQ device for added assurance and peace of mind.

Click on the green "Add to Cart" button and complete the checkout process to upgrade.

(screenshot A: VIP page for a Yearly Basic Plan subscriber)

(screenshot B: VIP page for a Monthly NexGen Plan subscriber)

To cancel your VIP Membership, turn off Auto-Renew and the VIP Add-On will be removed when it expires.

(screenshot C: VIP page for a Monthly NexGen Plan subscriber with an active VIP Add-On)

Updated on: 01/05/2024

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