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Spam Call Protection: PIN Shield

Spam Call Protection Suite > PIN Shield

PIN Shield

What is it?

The PIN Shield is a tool available within the Spam Call Protection Suite, which is a feature of NT Connect's Residential VoIP Phone Service for DUOs and ezLINQs.

NOTE: The PIN Shield is available exclusively to VIP Members.

What does it do?

The PIN Shield helps prevent robocalls, auto-dialers, or any other type of automated caller from connecting to your phone. The caller has to be a human in order to connect.

How does it work?

Enable this feature to require ALL incoming callers to enter a random 3-digit PIN number before connecting to your phone.

The PIN Shield will be prompted to all callers regardless of the "spam score" it receives from the system's Call Filter. Each time anyone calls you, the NT Connect system will generate a new 3-digit PIN number and then speak it to the caller. Afterwards, the caller will need to enter the 3-digit PIN using their phone's dial pad to confirm that they are human. If the PIN is entered correctly, the caller will be allowed to connect to your phone.

TIP: Callers found in your White List and Speed Dial settings are considered “safe callers” and will not be prompted with the PIN Shield
WARNING! Every time anyone calls you, they will be required to enter the 3-digit PIN, unless you add their phone number to the White List.

How do I access this tool?

Sign in at

Go to the Residential Phone page, by clicking on the "Residential Phone" tab in the top menu.

Find the Alias of your account and click the green "Manage" button.

screenshot of Residential Phone: Accounts Page

Click on the "Spam Call Protection" tab in the side menu.

If you are a VIP Member, you will see the option to turn the PIN Shield "ON" or "OFF".

screenshot of Spam Call Protection Page displaying the PIN Shield tool

Updated on: 01/05/2024

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