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PBX Extension: Office Hours

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PBX Extensions Office Hours

Each extension can have unique office hours different from the business' global office hours.

How to update the office hours of an extension?

Sign in to the PBX Configuration Portal at

Select the PBX Account you want to configure.

Click on Extensions

Select the extension you want to edit by clicking on the green "Manage" button that has the pencil icon.

You can either click on the "Office Hours" tab on the left side menu or click on the "Edit" button in the Office Hours panel on the page.

On the Office Hours page, click on the "Update My Hours" button to reveal a form.

In the form, select one or more weekdays (Sunday - Saturday) and enter the starting and ending time for the days selected.

Click on the "Save" button to update your hours.

Repeat process to enter different hours for different days.

Note: The hours will display in red font if they are different to the business' global hours.

Updated on: 01/05/2024

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