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Spam Call Filter - RoboAgent

We are committed to protecting you from unwanted calls and giving you more control over the calls you receive.

Incoming calls that are from known telemarketers, spammers and robocallers are displayed on your Caller ID as the percentage probability of being spam. Anything over 50% is more than likely going to be a potentially unwanted call. You can choose to answer the call or, if not, let the call be answered automatically by the RoboAgent instead of your voicemail.

The RoboAgent (it's an automated bot) receives calls from known spammers and robocallers and interacts with them in a funny but lifelike manner. The ensuing call will be a total waste of their time, and the call, which could be hilarious, is recorded and sent to your email.

You can configure the settings in the Spam Call Filter section the your CONNECT portal:

*Please note that the Spam Call Filter is not a Call-Blocker. You will need to add numbers to your Blacklisting in order to prevent a call from coming in, the Spam Call Filter prevents unwanted numbers from reaching your voicemail box*

Updated on: 03/13/2019

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